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Fast Bowling Ability and its Relationship with Power Parameters in Cricket | Original Article

Yeguri Rambabu*, P. Jhonson, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


To achieve the purpose of the study, the investigator selected 100 fast bowlers who have represented in inter-collegiate cricket tournament from four colleges affiliated to Andhra University. The subjects were from the age group of twenty to twenty five years. All the subjects had played cricket for more than five years. Only volunteer, healthy and physically fit subjects were selected for this study. The investigator selected following criterion and dependent variables for this study power Parameters were Shoulder Strength, abdominal Strength, hand Grip strength and anaerobic power. To measure the velocity of the cricket players balling velocity the instrument used Radar Guns or Speed Guns to collect the data. To get meaningful findings the following statistics tools were used descriptive statistics mean and standard deviation, Simple correlation and multiple regression analysis was used. The findings of the study proved theirwas significant relationship between power parameter abdominal strength and force parameter upper body strength with fast bowling ability.