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A Study on Cricket Vs. Other Sports: In the Indian Scenario | Original Article

Kanika Rawat*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Maybe it is a reality that people in India consume cricket, work, sleep, chat and travel. It is massively overlooked to the point that our national sport hockey requires. The outcry over India's early departure from the Twenty-Twenty World Cup and our Hockey Team's second-in-row win in the Azlanshah Cup had a major impression on sport lovers. We neglected to send Vishvanathan Anand (who became the world champ in chess for the fourth time) and our own hockey team to win laurels for the country the significance they deserved, in the indignation of our emotions towards the Indian cricket players and their vehement criticisms. I 'm sure the laurels are no better than every cricket laurel, but the issue emerges why the step-motherly handling in other sports? It's bitter but quite real that there's one particular game in India that blots all other titles. Cricket fever eclipsed our National Hockey event. There is no possibility of any dispute in our nation whether cricket is destroying other activities. The Indians eat cricket, work, sleep, speak and play. Theoretically we all realize that hockey is our national game but its cricket fanatic in real terms throughout.