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Effects of Calisthenics Training on Explosive Strength and Strength Endurance in Handball Players | Original Article

Shailesh Kumar Singh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study was conducted with the aim of finding effect of calisthenics training on explosive strength and strength endurance in handball players. For conducting this study, a total of 30 male Handball players who were pursuing physical education course in LNIPE, NERC, Guwahati were selected as subjects. The subjects age ranged between 18 to 23 years during the start of training program. The variables selected for this study were explosive strength and strength endurance. The explosive strength was measured with the help of standing broad jump, while the strength endurance was measured using number of sit-ups completed in a duration of one minute. The study was conducted for a period of six weeks on a pre-test and post-test basis, where a pre-test measurement was conducted before the start of the training program and post-test measurement were conducted after the completion of training program. The measurements were conducted by the same researchers to maintain consistency during data collection. A paired sample t-test was used to investigate the effects of calisthenic training on strength and strength endurance. The results of the study indicated a significant difference in both strength (p = 0.0471) and strength endurance (p = 0.0032) in the subjects after a training intervention of 6 weeks. This significant improvement shows that calisthenics can be used to improve strength and strength endurance in male undergraduate students.