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A Study on Meditation Psycho-Physiological Consequences | Original Article

Ajay Dubey*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Substantial clinical literature on meditation as alternative mind-body treatment has taken place during the past four decades. This paper aims to provide an analysis of the existing state of meditation and wellness studies. It analysed recent meditation studies and their impact on multiple illnesses. There are two primary forms of meditation (concentration and attentiveness) actually dominating. Effects such as pulse, blood pressure, corrective action, digestion, ventilation, and resilience of the skin are addressed in the meditation. It also discusses the impact of meditation on human vision and cognition. There is also talk about potential means of or processes by which meditation may have health benefits such as calming, systemic desensitization, release of repressed memories, tension free, etc. Finally, significant philosophical and analytical questions are dealt with which researchers in this sector ought to pay serious attention to potential studies.