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Comparative Study of Mental Toughness and Adjustment between Amateur Golfers and Caddie Turned Amateur Golfers | Original Article

Virender Singh*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


In this study, we assessed the mental toughness between the amateur golfers and caddie turned amateur golfers. Two hundred (200) male golfers of 18 to 24 years of age group were randomly sampled to participate in the present study. They were further divided into two groups which includes one hundred (n=100) amateur golfers and one hundred (n=100) caddie turned amateur golfers. All the subjects, after having been briefed about the objective and protocol of the study, gave their consent, and volunteered to participate in the study. Participants completed the mental toughness inventory (MTI) by Middlenton et al. (2005) was used to measure mental toughness. Sinha Singh’s AICS (1980) was employed to measure five dimensions of adjustment i.e., home, health, social, emotional, and educational and total adjustment. To determine the difference of Mental Toughness and Adjustment between male golfers independent t-test was employed through SPSS package 20.0 and the significant level was set at 0.05. the findings of this research paper showed that there was non-significant mean difference for overall mental toughness between Amateur golfers and Caddie turned amateur golfers along with its domains Rebound ability, Ability to handle pressure, concentration ability, Level of confidence and motivation. Yet Caddie turned amateur golfers presented more mental toughness.