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Techniques for Improving the Profitability of Small and Medium Scale Construction Firms | Original Article

Rohit Paygude*, Nitin Morey, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The profitability level of construction industry (Small, medium and large) is mostly depending upon three factors they are labour characteristics, management systemssoftware and external issues. Different researchers have determined different factors that influence construction productivity. Understanding the level of productivity, it is important to develop innovative practices and techniques to improve construction productivity. In this project we compare traditional and proposed approach in terms of Planning, controlling and execution with latest case study. In this Project Autodesk take off is used for Planning, primavera is used for Execution and Build trend is used for Control. This report includes systematic literature reviews on productivity in construction industry for small, medium and high organizations. The report gives review on different method which is used for measurement of construction productivity, factors affecting and theories on improvement of construction productivity such as labor factor, management factors and external factors, the report further reviews on the different innovations which are made for improvement in construction productivity. On reviews it is noted that there are lot of different methods and strategies for improvement of construction productivity but they differs from site conditions and the factors which influence construction productivity. In this project we can compare latest and traditional approach for G+9 and G+6 residential building located at Dudulgaon PCMC.