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Need of Human Resources Development to Increase Speed of Project – Case Study | Original Article

Pritam B. Inpure*, U. J. Pathak, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Human resource planning is the most important managerial function of an organization. It ensures three main things • It ensures adequate supply of human resources. • It ensures proper quality of human resources. • It ensures effective utilization of human resources. Human Resource Planning • Human resource planning must incorporate the human resource needs in the light of organizational goals. • Human resource planning must be directed towards clear and well-defined objectives. • Human resource plan must ensure that it has the right number of people and the right kind of people at the right time doing work for which they are economically most suitable. • Human resource planning should take into account the principle of periodical reconsideration of new developments and extending the plan to cover the changes during the given long period. • Human resource planning should pave the way for an effective motivational process. • Adequate flexibility must be maintained in human resource planning to suit the changing needs of the organization A framework of human resource development has been developed. This framework contains many factors and it is divided in 8 Main Criteria’s as (a) Job Analysis and HR Planning, (b) Recruitment and Selection, (c) Education and Training, (d) Retaining, Motivation and Performance Appraisal, (e) Compensation and Rewards, (f) Employment Relations, (g) Health and Safety, (h) Other External Factors. (I) Labour Productivity Data is collected through questionnaires and personal interviews targeting Engineers, Project Managers, HR Managers and Contractors. International All factors affecting HRD have been ranked using RII and SPSS Method Analysis.