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A Comparative Study of Xerostomia during Treatment with 3D CRT vs. IMRT in Loco Regionally Advanced Head & Neck Carcinoma | Original Article

Dharmpal .*, H. S. Kumar, Neeti Sharma, S. L. Jakhar, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The aim of this study is to compare xerostomia during treatment with 3D CRT Vs IMRT in locally loco regionally advanced Head Neck carcinoma. This study was done at department of Radiotherapy ATRCTRI, Bikaner Rajasthan. A Total 60 cases of locally advanced carcinoma of head neck was taken in study. All patients was histological proven case of SCC. Result found that the 3 DCRT group demonstrate significant (grade II) less toxicity (Acute toxicity) at the follow up of 6 month and IMRT group demonstrate significant (grade III) less toxicity (late toxicity) at the follow up of 12 month. It is concluded that Tissue sparing is better by IMRT might lead to better quality of life in long run.