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Comprehensive Study and Analysis on the Basics of Vehicle Parking Layout with Investigation of Problems and Solutions Related to Current Parking Issues | Original Article

Kapil Ronge*, Rohit Lengare, Abhijeet Thengal, Prashant Bhaganagare, Manik Deshmukh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Nowadays, increase in vehicles that is resulting in the traffic congestion and creates parking problems in the urban cities. There is continuous need to facilitate public transport and adequate parking facilities. According to the current situations, the demand of parking doesn’t meet the desired requirements as per survey. In present research work, we have conducted the Google form survey related to parking space issues to identify the efficiency, convenient, parking public needs with different types of parking. In India, the fact is, people are facing serious problems of lack of parking facility due to improper and inadequate design of parking. We observed that through our project, what are the major problems of parking and we suggest the corresponding solutions to meet parking demand. We also observed that area wasted, accumulation capacity depth of stall with respect to 600 and 900 angled parking, which mainly help to overcome from major parking problems.