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Psychoneuromuscular Theory for Reducing Anxiety Level in Competition Situations | Original Article

Babulal Dayma*, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The study determined effects of psycho-neuromuscular theory and Visualization technique on reducing anxiety levels of female soccer players. The subjects were 50 female players (N=50). The sampled subjects were randomly assigned into two groups experimental group (N=25) and control group (N=25). We applied experimental method with pre-post tests and control group. Subjects in the experimental (psycho-neuromuscular theory visualization technique) group received extra 20 minutes imagery training program 3 times a week for four weeks along with their regular training program. Control group was engaged in their regular activity for four weeks. ANCOVA was used to analyze the data collected. Results showed significant difference in the reducing anxiety levels between experimental and control groups. Based on the findings it was concluded that psycho-neuromuscular theory and visualization technique are an effective tools for psychological preparation of athletes. Based on the result of this study it is recommended among other things that coaches, physical education teachers, athletic trainers and sport psychologists should use visualization technique to enhance efficient performance by players.