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Implementation of Construction Management Strategies for Improving the Functionality of RMC Plants | Original Article

Gaurav Kumar*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Infrastructure development widely spreading across the India due to this the large amount of concrete required. But the mail limitation of fulfilling this need is labor availability and space for availability for concreting. Many time due to negligence of labor the quality of concrete will not achieve also there is a shortage of space for cast in site construction in metro cities .for this reason the RMC concrete use widely across the country .But these plants faces lot of problems because of these problems the functionality of plant hampers. To overcome this effective construction management is required. The Indian Construction industry has been traditionally labour oriented. The pace of mechanization in the past was very slow due to the availability of cheap and abundant labour, lack of capital investment and highly fragmented nature of the construction sector. The liberalization of Indian economy started from 1989 and paved the way for large-scale investments in infrastructure, industrial and agriculture sectors. The mega projects required speed and quality of construction compatible with international standards. It led to partial mechanization of construction industry and advent of Ready mixed concrete in India is the outcome of this development. The Ready Mixed Concrete in India on commercial basis started in 1994 and has achieved about 2 conversion from the site-mixed concrete by the year 2001. It is heartening that the acceptability of Ready mixed concrete is increasing though at a slow pace. The entry of foreign firms and major Indian cement producers in this field are likely to provide necessary boost to this industry in the future. The growth prospects of Ready-mixed concrete are enormous, provided requisite support is given by the regulatory authorities, consumers and decision makers. n this Study the detailed study of RMC plant initially carried out then Divide the functions of RMC plant in different sections then Prepare the detailed questionnaires for each section and circulated on different RMC plants to understand difficulties facing while operating the RMC plants Then Prepare the detailed remedial plan for each section to overcome the difficulties. Also prepare the checklist for each section for smooth functionality of RMC plant.