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Online Secure Auction System | Original Article

Shradha Zade*, Ankita Naik, Yukta Akhade, Nikita Bhanuse, Hemlata Kosare, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


An online auction is a business strategy in which products are sold by placing bids based on their current market value. They have a starting price and a deadline. The auction has a number of potential purchasers, and the winner is the one who bids the highest price within the allotted time frame. Users who wish to purchase products online must supply their personal information, including their email address, phone number, and a scan of their Aadhaar card. It is now time to consider the significance of the role played by security. A URL with a set expiration time will be used to verify the email address. An OTP is used to verify the phone number as well. To be able to bid, a user must be authenticated. This stops a variety of online auction frauds from acquiring the trust of the customers. Secure Online Auction System is the gist of it. We can join in a bidding war for goods and services via an online auction. The use of online software that regulates the processes involved simplifies the auction process.