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Green Solid Waste Management | Original Article

Uday Kumar Phatak*, Er. Omkar Lawate, Er. Sachin Biradar, Er. Sangharakshit Ingle, Er. Namrata Varam, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Solid Waste Management refers to the process of minimizing the volume of solid waste generated, recycling unwanted supplies, collecting solid waste, handling hazardous solid waste, and ultimate discarding of solid waste. We intend to evaluate the key MSWM criteria while also give a complete analysis of Waste generation rates, characterization, collection, and treatment options in India in this study. MSWM's current situation in Indian states and major cities is also discussed. The study indicates that in developing countries like India, the installation of decentralised solid waste processing units in metropolitan citiestowns and the development of the formal recycling industrial sector are critical. Whether domestic, industrial, or other wastes are of higher or lower values, they should be regenerated. In this work, we aim to evaluate the primary MSWM criteria, as well as provide a full analysis of MSW creation, characterization, collection, and treatment alternatives in India.