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To Study of Remedies for Delays in Construction Project Phases | Original Article

Kuldip Tyagi*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The budget of Infrastructure projects in India are worth around Rs.100 lakh crore according to the budget 2019. Also a huge number of these projects are getting delayed invariably. According to the MOSPI reports, of the 1634 infrastructure projects in the country, 373 projects reported cost overruns, while 552 projects saw time escalation.(Express News Service Published 09th December 2019) This is indicative of the fact that the causes of delays and their implications on the cost and time overruns warrant the need of studying. This study covers the various causes of delays in detail, as well as delays which are caused at various stages of the project. For this study only the transportation infrastructure projects are considered Currently there are no formal decision tools or guidelines to assist owners and project managers in choosing delivery systems and project strategies that allow reductions in the project cycle time. Project delivery systems in the construction industry have gone through an evolutionary process to reduce delivery time, while maintaining quality and containing cost. The most commonly utilized project delivery systems prevalent today are traditional design-bid-build construction managed by a professional construction manager design-build lump-sum and guaranteed maximum price and bridging a hybrid of two different systems. Faster delivery of projects has been one of the critical success factors in almost all industries. In the construction area, fast-tracking (or phased construction), in which activities are executed concurrently, has been argued to be an effective approach to a faster project delivery.