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Study of Construction Material Wastage, Its Causes, Amendment and Financial Impacts | Original Article

U. J. Phatak*, Anup Avinash Shah, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


All over the world, the construction industry has gained very rapid growth in recent decades. The creation of garbage has expanded dramatically as infrastructure and industrialisation have grown. Bulk generators and retail or small generators are the two main sources of construction waste materials creation. The construction projects must be well planned and must be properly executed to minimize the construction wastes. The amount of construction practices has been almost doubled considering last decade and will keep on increasing day by day. As the construction practices are increasing day by day, large number of masses are getting involved in the activity of cons. There is huge amount of mismanagement caused on site in various aspects of construction such as scheduling, material management, labour management etc. The aim of this research paper is to explore and formulate strategies and measures for effective construction management and reduction in material wastage. To learn more about the best practices for reducing and managing construction waste, we conducted semistructured interviews and focus groups. The prospective short-, medium-, and long-term plans are the key contributions of this research work. Financial rewards to stakeholders, governmental regulations that facilitate garbage sorting, the creation of a mature recycling industry, and education are the five key solutions advocated. This research paper majorly focuses on waste-age caused during the process of construction activities due to various reasons as like natural calamities, human error, false calculations etc. The financial impact caused by such wastages are also formulated taking into consideration certain sites.