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Feasibility of Precast Super Structures for Pune Metro Project | Original Article

Prasad Deshmukh*, Prathmesh Avhale, Mrinalini Fegade, Shivanjali Bhosale, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Arguably the most spectacular recent development in urban infrastructure has been the introduction of the metro as a public transport system. In addition to being the main means of transportation, the subway has greatly contributed to reducing pollution and improving the quality of life of the people here. Vehicle fleets in urban areas of India are growing rapidly. As cities grow and expand rapidly demanding more urbanization and housing, new residential areas and large commercial establishments are rapidly emerging, all integrated with public transport. need to do that. For civil engineers, metro projects provide an excellent opportunity to develop skills and find creative solutions to difficult problems inherent in large constructions in the environment. urban. Critical design decisions determine project success in terms of speed and quality of construction, impact on the environment and the aesthetics of the structure, as well as cost and economy. This paper describes some of the challenges faced by viaduct structures and how they have been overcome in Indian metro structures through the use of precast concrete construction techniques.