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Role of Information Technology (IT) in Human Resource Management | Original Article

Mangesh Prakash Wachasundar*, Surendra Kumar Bhogal, Dhanashree Potey, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The world has been changed with Information Technology. Our daily life and the way we interconnect with others have been changed via Internet, how we study and learn, how we work, and spend our time. Information Technology plays a vital role in all aspects of life and causes to bring accuracy, speed, availability and easiness in our daily life. Information technology, as a package of offered program is available to individuals and organizations through hardware infrastructure and plays a vital role in the growth of Human Resources. This paper covers a introduction of the role of information technology in human resource management, Objectives of Human Resource Management, Scope of Information Technology in Human Resource Management, Opportunities for implementing IT with HR function.