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A Descriptive Study on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems from the Lenses of Jaipur Based Startups | Original Article

Sheetal .*, Praveen Sahu, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Today's generation seems to be more interested in entrepreneurship. The number of individuals taking the risk to launch their own company has significantly increased. India is no exception to the entrepreneurial bug. Young Indians are increasingly letting go of their fear of failure and entering the perilous realm of startups over the years. These business owners need the aid of a robust ecosystem to guide them on their quest to launch a profitable venture. Such firms work to improve people's lives by generating employment for the neighborhood, boosting the economy, and generally making things easier. Startups may access resources in a setting that is provided by entrepreneurial ecosystems. This study deepens our knowledge of the traits influencing how startups engage with their entrepreneurial environments. The survival of start-ups in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is a topic of investigation.