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Critical Review of Government Interventions on the application of Precast Construction Technology in the Housing Projects | Original Article

Ar. Alankrita Pagare*, Charu Nangia, Krishna K Dhote, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


There is an unparallel demand for housing in most of the countries due to rapid urbanization and a rise in population across the globe. Government agencies are playing a pivotal role in striking the balance between supply and demand through various policy interventions. Despite several initiatives and reforms, the supply and demand mismatch has not narrowed significantly. One of the key factors identified for the slow delivery of housing projects is the use of conventional technology for construction. In the 1980s 1990s, countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Dubai, among others, recognized the need for a paradigm shift from conventional to precast or industrialized construction systems and established various long-term plansroad maps for the implementation of this technology in the housing sector. With decades of strategic planning and a committed approach, many of these countries have showcased successful implementation of housing projects using this technology. India is also looking forward to spreading the application of precast and other offsite construction technologies for housing projects through various government schemes. The paper reviews the influence of these government interventions and incentives on the adoption of precast technology in the housing segment through a systematic literature review.