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Impact of Streetscape on the Image of a City: A study and analysis of streetscapes of Delhi, India | Original Article

Ar. Jahnabi Kalita*, Ar. Poorva Jain, Ar. Preeti Chauhan, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The streets of cities are the connecting elements that make urban life possible. They not only allow physical movement but also become vantage points for appreciating the urban environment including but not restricted to architecture alone. From the various tangible and intangible factors concerning the streets in an urbanscape, people draw a certain image of the city leading to visual and psychological associations. In India, streets have been not just a means to connectivity but also venues to myriad events and activities that affect the users in some way or the other. To understand and analyze whether or how the streetscape really impacts the image of a city, a survey was conducted with the reference of the streetscapes of two very prominent and commercially set streets of Delhi in India Chandni Chowk from Old Delhi and Connaught Place from New Delhi. The survey was conducted in an online mode due to the pandemic with 107 responding participants last year before the redesigned Chandni Chowk was opened for public use. The diverse participants were questioned about different aspects of streetscape focusing on their preferences and opinions across factors including inclusivity, accessibility, safety, ambience, activities and variety of street elements. The results acquired from the survey showed how the elements of the streets, the streetscape design and the image of the city were related. Further analysis of the survey results led to conclusions about the preferences of the people regarding streetscape and their aspirational requirements concerning the streetscapes of the city.