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3D Concrete Printing Technology: Implementation & Financial Assessment | Original Article

Ar. Shruti Karani*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


In the construction industry, 3D concrete printing technology is one of the advance technique that can be used for the construction of building components or to print entire buildings. The 3D concrete printing techniques are being foreseen as a solution for solving the housing crisis across various parts of the world. There are various advantages associated with 3D concrete printing technology over conventional building methods as well as other advanced techniques such as its fast construction, cost-effective, minimal wastage, that would lead to the sustainable construction process as well as a cost-effective construction method. The goal of the paper is the evaluating the financial feasibility for advance technologies such as Monolithic concrete construction, Precast system 3D concrete printing for the Affordable mass housing in the construction industry which gives the benefit in financial aspect with respect to to time in the construction project. Financial factors are being derived by various case studies of 3D concrete printing market rates for the cost of construction, and used in sample case for assessment. The current hypothesis of the dissertation is to use advance 3D concrete printing technology as a cost-effective technique for affordable housing. The research concludes with the study of technique, SWOT analysis, organizational implementation of the process of the project, advance Construction methods used for affordable housing, Time cost factors attached to it. The end-stage of the research is about the assessment financial feasibility of the techniques amongst themselves which can be useful for the construction of affordable housing projects as well as other projects.