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Automatic Number Plate Segmentation and Recognition System | Original Article

Amolkumar Ravindra Shahare*, Nisha Balani, Sohel Bhura, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


A procedure known as automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) involves extracting license plate data from a series of video frames or images that have been collected. Law enforcement officials can use ALPR to rapidly detect stolen automobiles or obtain vehicle information from those who break traffic regulations. It is also frequently used as a method of electronic payment for parking fees or tolls. ALPR is typically placed on a PC-based platform to make use of its processing capacity to process high-resolution cameras' high-quality picture captures. Recently, the majority of smartphones come with a good camera speedier processing system that can be used to create portable ALPR systems. As a result, numerous academics have been motivated to work on integrating ALPR technology into cameras. In this work, we reviewed a number of studies that used ALPR on a mobile platform. We go over the methods applied to the three key ALPR stages of location, segmentation, recognition.