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Model based Environment Management Plan of mining activity: A study of Udaipur District | Original Article

Hawa Singh Yadav*, Pooja ., in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The Udaipur is a big treasure trove of mineral of indescribable qualities. Rajasthan is blessed with 79 varieties of minerals. Markedly the area of under mining is approximately 1,846 sq. km. which is only 0.54 of total land cover in the Udaipur. The Udaipur has virtual monopoly in the production of minerals like Lead-Zinc, Gypsum, Soap Stone, Ball Clay, Calcite, Rock Phosphate, Feldspar, Copper, Jasper, Garnet, and Silver etc. The Udaipur is proud to possess huge reserves of Lignite, Crude Oil and High Quality Gas. It is also renowned for its deposits of Marble, Sand Stone and some unique decorative stones. Mining is not only a major source of employment in the rural and tribal area of the Udaipur, but also a major source of revenue to the Government and minerals playing an important role in the development of the Udaipur. In this context, this paper covers deposits of various minerals, mineral fuels and their position in Udaipur.