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Review on Financial Risk Management and Analysis for Private Investors | Original Article

Karri Sankara Rao*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The goal of this research was to find out how a person's socioeconomic background affects their ability. The analysis approach that was used throughout this study is known as logistic regression. As a result, the findings of this study are able to provide customers with an optional choice about suitable investment as one of the strategies to promote urban community empowerment. When it comes to making investments, individual investors in Hyderabad have access to a broad variety of opportunities from which to choose. It is common practise for investors to consider Return, which refers to the potential return that can be achieved through investment Risk, which refers to the variation in returns that can result from changes in value or fluctuations in the market and Return, which refers to the potential return that can be achieved through investment. When making selections about investments, a person's personal preferences about risk, return potential, and the capacity to access assets at any given moment are taken into consideration. An investment strategy is a plan that is meant to assist an investor in selecting the best possible investment portfolio in order to assist the investor in achieving their financial objectives within a certain amount of time. This kind of thinking is what people mean when they talk about investment strategy. By increasing the wealth of individual residents, investing has the potential to improve the economy as a whole and contribute to greater prosperity. It may be beneficial for companies to make investments in situations in which they have the opportunity to obtain capital through the financial markets. Depending on the specifics of the situation, the investor, the firm, and even society as a whole may all stand to gain from the use of different sorts of investments. The potential for profit or loss is something that Indian investors are well aware of, in addition to having a fundamental grasp of portfolio allocations.