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Causes of Climate and Environmental Changes for Sustainable Performance | Original Article

Sheela Gupta*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Strategies for adapting to climate change include making allowances for the changed weather patterns. The purpose of this research is to evaluate how climate change affects environmental sustainability. Industrial pollution, soil degradation, and natural catastrophes brought on by global warming all pose serious threats to sustainability in many parts of the globe. As this research demonstrates, natural resource management and adaptation techniques are not mutually exclusive rather, they are complementary. As a result, they may improve the effectiveness and adaptability of existing resources in the face of climate change. Weather patterns from the tropics to the poles are seeing long-term shifts due to climate change. As a worldwide danger, it has already begun exerting pressure on many different industries. The purpose of this research is to conceptually engineer how changes in climate are threatening the viability of several industries throughout the globe. Certain food, water, and vector-borne illnesses are more likely to spread during times of extreme weather, as was recently shown with the coronavirus epidemic.