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Transformation in contribution of Teacher Educators in implementation of NEP 2020 | Research Letter

Ms. Preeti*, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Any country's ability to develop depends on the calibre of its teachers, and education is the key to that.The components responsible for effective instruction and student accomplishment are teachers' expertise, commitment, competence, professionalism, and motivation. Nowadays, producing such instructors is a significant task for governments all around the world. A teacher's job has become increasingly difficult in light of new educational and psychological theories, philosophy, sociology, and globalisation due to the ever-growing body of knowledge available today.Today, The educational programmes must be well thought out and creative and must be examined, analysed, reformed, rethought about, and reoriented. One of the key aims of the Indian government is to promote quality and excellence in education.The Indian government has been concentrating on quality and excellence in education at all levels in order to attain the goal of improved quality at all educational levels. The current study focuses on how teacher educators' roles are altering in light of NEP2020. It also emphasises the many tasks that instructors are desired to play in classrooms under NEP2020. The study offered solutions to the problems that teacher education faces. This essay is analytical in style. The usage of pertinent books, articles, and other research papers has been made. According to the needs of the study, data and information have been gathered from relevant sources. In this investigation, an interpretive methodology was used. Teacher education=Teaching skills + pedagogical theory +professional skills. ‟ Clinton stated for American Education in the 21st Century (1996) that, “Every class must have hardworking and responsible personality”.