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Changing Dimension of Women Safety in India: A Critical View | Review Article

Chandra Prakesh Gupta*, Gayatri Choudhary, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The woman is God’s best creation, yet the worst sufferer. The safety of women in India has now turned into a significant issue in India. The pace of crime against women in the nation has increased by and large. Women pause for a moment before stepping out of their homes, especially around evening time. This is sad, the sad truth of our country which lives in constant dread. Women in India have been given equivalent rights as men. Notwithstanding, individuals who keep this guideline don’t. They add to the development and improvement of our nation yet, they are living in dread. Women are currently standing firm on respected footings in the nation, yet regardless of whether we look in the background, we see that they are being taken advantage of. Consistently we read about the awful crimes against women in our nation like this are a standard. Gender-based brutality and women’s safety is increasingly perceived as key wellbeing, advancement, and common liberties issue. Various approaches and strategies are used with fluctuating degrees of success. To put forth significant progress in attempts to advance women’s safety, compelling and successful automatic and strategy approaches must be recognized and shared generally. Sharing and advancing successful approaches (legal and social) also increases the probability that scarce resources for women’s safety can be used really.