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Effects and factors of multiple practice session for a sports player carrier achievement | Review Article

R. Ananda Ravi*, S Dinesh Philip Vinoth, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Purpose Sports players reach their peak positions by putting their physical and mental efforts into practice. Few of them are achieving higher-level certificates and jobs. Most sportspeople have stopped their careers and started a new lifestyle. Method The data from a physical education institute was used to analyze the performance of male and female sports students' daily practice sessions. The 258 students from various sports, like volleyball, kabaddi, basketball, weightlifting, cricket, football, and athletics, were considered for this analysis. Result The observed frequency data showed fewer males and females practicing one session daily, and more students were doing two sessions daily. Some average numbers of students are practicing three times a day and earning more strength and skills. The achievements of the three-session practicing students are higher than the data. Chi-square analyses were performed to detect differences in the number of practice sessions between the sexes. The significant difference for gender and number of practice sessions was 0.05, respectively. Conclusion This research should help players and coaches understand the importance of three practice sessions daily. Therefore, training sessions could be more position-specific, maximising the player's physiological outcome in order to optimise performance.