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An Analysis on Various Planning For Implementation of Solid Waste Management Systems: Strategic Issues and Challenges |

Mrs. Vaishpayan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Waste management is aglobal environmental issue which concerns about a very significant problem intoday’s world. There is a considerable amount of disposal of waste withoutproper segregation which has led to both economic and environment sufferings.It is still practiced in many cities. There is a tremendous amount of loss interms of environmental degradation, health hazards and economic descend due todirect disposal of waste. It is better to segregate the waste at the initialstages where it is generated, rather than going for a later option which isinconvenient and expensive. There has to be appropriate planning for properwaste management by means of analysis of the waste situation of the area. The waste managementissues are considered to solve some of the present situation problems likeproper allocation and relocation of waste bins, check for unsuitability andproximity convenience due to waste bin to the users, proposal of recyclablewaste bins for the required areas.