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Explore how the Pharmacy Council is Changing Health Care in Saudi | Original Article

Bader Mutlaq Alotaibi*, Ahmed Abdulaziz Samkri, Mshari Mohammed Alharbi, Salman Hutayl Alshammari, Saud Ahmad Hassan Alzahrani, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The purpose of this piece is to shed light on the National Electronic Pharmacy Platform's (NEPP) efforts to disseminate and promote the use of online pharmacies among Saudi people. Data from 85 of the 225 NEPP-registered online pharmacies was analyzed for a cross-sectional quantitative study. Numerical analysis of the data was used to compile an extensive statistical profile of changing patterns in pharmaceutical use in Saudi Arabia. Despite NEPP's relatively recent introduction (in 2023), there is clearly rising interest among pharmacies. There is a lot of room for expansion, and continued activities to raise consciousness and provide education will only help fuel that development. Africa's increasing emphasis on pharmacy regulation and the proliferation of online drugstores underline the importance of the NEPP model for the continent's individual nations. This research highlights the possible long-term impact of NEPP on Saudi Arabia's healthcare infrastructure. The increased rate at which antibacterial drugs are prescribed is an important finding. This might mean that the Saudi population is seeing an increase in bacterial illnesses, especially those related to breathing difficulties. It is crucial to treat these infections and raise awareness of antibacterial-related disorders. The Ministry of Health, the Saudi Health Service, the Pharmacy Council may use our findings as they formulate strategies to deal with antibacterial-related health issues.