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Nepp from the Pharmacy Council of Saudi: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Care in Saudi | Original Article

Nailah Mahdi Muteb Alqahtani*, Hessah Dawod Sulaiman Almusallam, Seham Obaid Saleh Bin Ganzal, Wasmiah Salman Ali Alquraini, Maha Saad Mohammed Albanyan, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The goal of this article is to provide more context for the work being done by the National Electronic Pharmacy Platform (NEPP) to increase awareness of and access to virtual drugstores in Saudi Arabia. A quantitative cross-sectional analysis was conducted using data from 80 of the 220 online pharmacies registered with the NEPP. A comprehensive statistical profile of evolving patterns of pharmaceutical usage in Saudi Arabia was compiled using numerical analysis of the data. Even if NEPP didn't become widely available until 2023, there's certainly growing interest among pharmacists. There is a great deal of space for growth, and maintaining efforts to spread awareness and educate people is essential to its continuation. The relevance of the NEPP model for the different African countries is highlighted by the rising interest in pharmacy regulation and the growth of online drugstores. The potential future effects of NEPP on Saudi Arabia's healthcare system are highlighted by this study. An significant result is the rising prevalence of prescriptions for antibacterial medicines. This might indicate a rise in bacterial infections, particularly those affecting respiratory function, among the Saudi populace. Treating these infections and increasing understanding of antibacterial-related diseases are also vital. Our results may be useful to the Ministry of Health, the Saudi Health Service, and the Pharmacy Council as they develop plans to address health problems caused by antibiotic resistance.