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A study the improvement of Primary health care research in Saudi Arabia | Original Article

Saeed Mohammed Aladadi*, Mohanad Ahmad Alghamdi, Muath Rebdi Alrebdi, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Background The foundation of the healthcare system is primary health care (PHC). The significance of PHC has been acknowledged on a global scale, and policymakers work to enhance PHC systems. Developing health services is mostly dependent on research in the field. Research in the healthcare industry helps to recognize and gauge health issues as well as assess the effectiveness of solutions used to address a range of health concerns. Objectives This study objective analyse Saudi primary health care (PHC) research and determined its distribution by topic, period, region, and institution. Methods We used PubMed Google Scholar to search the academic literature for our descriptive investigation. Relevant journal articles were located by using the MeSH phrases Primary Health Or Saudi Primary Care Or Saudi. Relevant data from journal papers published up until December 2020 was entered into a coding tool. Results There was a total of 548 research papers on PHC research published between 1995 - 2020. There was a rising trend in the number of publications throughout time. The majority of publications were primary research papers (88.7), while the vast majority of studies used a cross-sectional design (93). Topics such as health services research chronic diseases were heavily discussed. The majority of studies were conducted in Riyadh province (48.1) and were published mostly by universities (56.0) Saudi Ministry of Health (24.8). Conclusion Although Saudi Arabia has a robust PHC infrastructure, the country's research outputs are inadequate. The majority of published publications are university-based cross-sectional studies. There will be more evidence for PHC and it will be more easily translated into service delivery if the research environment is improved.