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A Comprehensive Analysis of Disruptive Technologies Effects on Several Businesses in the Post-COVID-19 Era | Original Article

Shachi Gupta*, Vandana Bharti, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The outbreak of Covid-19 has a significant impact on individuals and organizations. This paper outlines the significance of Disruptive Technologies in overcoming the present challenges and be ready for the “new normal”. It highlights the impact of digital innovation on various industries in Post Covid-19 era. The technological seizure of power to enhanced the new possibilities and opportunities in all segments of business. The study shows the relationship between the different business sectors and implications of technological innovations. The focus is on stating the application and utility of these new technologies in generating the opportunities and new avenues in the post covid-19 era. The new norms are now adopted by the organizations to handle the challenges and threats generated during Covid-19I.e. Modern technology is developing more quickly than it did in the past in order to keep ahead of the effects and develop new tools for creating a safer world. (Saxena et al., 2020). The new technologies are now supporting in achieving higher level of product and process quality. The need of today is to delight the customer with comfort and cost consciousness without compromising on quality, which is now possible to serve with the implementation of these technologies. Be it education or healthcare, finance or sales and marking or labor market, the application of disruptive technologies had left no stones unturned.