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A Comprehensive Review of the Relationship Among Self-Conscious Emotion, Emotional Regulation, Social Readjustment, and Psychological Well-Being Among Women Cancer Patients | Review Article

Ms. Loveena George Arickswamy*, Santosh Meena, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


This study delves into the complex interplay among self-conscious emotion, emotional regulation, social readjustment, and psychological well-being in women cancer patients. Cancer diagnoses among women are on the rise, making it crucial to understand the emotional and social dynamics that influence their psychological well-being. The study employs comprehensive review of past literature to explore the multifaceted relationships. Self-conscious emotions, encompassing guilt, shame, pride, and self-image, are examined for their impact on psychological well-being. Emotional regulation strategies are scrutinized to determine their role in alleviating emotional distress. It explores how they adapt to changes in social roles and relationships, focusing on the role of support systems and social resources in enhancing psychological well-being. Findings suggest that self-conscious emotions can significantly affect the psychological well-being of women cancer patients. Emotional regulation skills appear to be essential in managing emotional distress. Furthermore, social readjustment plays a pivotal role in determining psychological well-being. This research aims to provide insights into the experiences of women cancer patients, shedding light on their emotional and social challenges. It emphasizes the need for tailored support and interventions to improve psychological well-being. Ultimately, the study contributes to a more comprehensive approach to cancer care, addressing the holistic needs of women facing this formidable disease.