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A Research Upon the Effect of Marketing Strategy Components on Market Share of Companies |

Sunita Rani, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The business performance and economic profit of the firm can besummarized in market share. One of the most important aims of firms is toenhance market share to achieve greater scale in its operations and improveprofitability. Due to this, managers always want to expand their market share.Market share responds to elements of marketing strategy and one of theimportant items that affect market share is elements of the marketing mix. Themain purpose of this research is to study the marketing mix influences onmarket share of polymer sheets manufactures firms in India. The result of thisstudy concluded that product strategy, promotion strategy, pricing strategy andplace strategy are important elements to increase the market share. Thus, thesub-elements of each of the strategies such as product variety, productquality, after-sale service and product specification (referring to color orsize) which are under product strategy; pricing, period of payment, offer ofdiscounts, which are under the pricing strategy; attendance in trade fair,practicing direct marketing, hiring experience and educated sale staff, thatcome under promotion strategy; having safety stock, on-time delivery, andplacing of the storeroom in place strategies which are under the place strategyis important sub-elements to be observed in increasing the share market.