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Data Security and Integrity In Cloud Computing: Third Party Auditor |

Rajkumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing is environment which enablesconvenient, efficient, on-demand network access to a shared pool ofconfigurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage,applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released withminimal management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud is kind ofcentralized database where many organizations/clients store their data,retrieve data and possibly modify data. Cloud is a model where user is providedservices by CSP(Cloud Service Provider) on pay per use base. Means here Clienthas to pay for what he is using or being served. Data stored and retrieved insuch a way may not be fully trustworthy so here concept of TPA(Third PartyAuditor) is used. TPA makes task of client easy by verifying integrity of datastored on behalf of client. In cloud, there is support for data dynamics meansclients can insert, delete or can update data so there should be securitymechanism which ensure integrity for the same. Here TPA can not only see thedata but he can access data or can modify also so there should be some securitymechanism against this. Cloud Computing is thenext-generation architecture of computing. It moves the software and databasesto the large data centers, where the management of the data and services canface a number of challenges. By outsourcing data, users are free from theburden of local data storage and maintenance. However, since the users does nothave physical possession of large size of outsourced data makes the dataintegrity protection in cloud computing a very challenging task for users. Sopublic auditability for cloud data storage security is important where userscan entrust an external audit party to check the integrity of outsources datawhen needed. To securely introduce an effective third party auditor (TPA), thefollowing requirements have to be met: 1) TPA should be able to efficientlyaudit the cloud data storage without the local copy of data, and should notintroduce any additional on-line burden to the cloud user; 2) The third partyauditing process should preserve user data privacy. Security is a major issue in cloud computing environment as theresources are dynamic, virtualized, scalable and elastic in nature. DataIntegrity is to ensured. Auditing plays a vital role in providing solution tothe data integrity in cloud. Highly distributed and non- transparent nature ofcloud increases the complexity of Auditing process. Auditing deals with SLAmonitoring and compliance. A third party auditor is essential to performauditing to ensure data integrity on cloud services. In this paper, a DynamicThird Party Auditing System is proposed in which a third party entitydynamically provides auditing services on cloud computing environment. TPAmakes task of Client by verifying the integrity of data stored in cloud. TheDynamic third party auditing system does auditing using public key basedhomomorphic authentication.