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Review and Simulation of Solar-Wind Hybrid System with Smart Grid Integration | Original Article

Kuldeep Poojara*, Kinal Patel, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Rapid depletion of fossil fuel resources on a worldwide basis has necessitated an urgent search for alternative energy sources to cater to the present days’ demand. The electric power generation system, which consists of renewable energy and fossil fuel generators together with an energy storage system and power conditioning system, is known as a hybrid power system. A hybrid power system has the ability to provide 24-hour grid quality electricity to the load. This system offers a better efficiency, flexibility of planning and environmental benefits compared to the diesel generator stand-alone system. This Paper focuses on the combination of solar wind systems for sustainable power generation. The solar energy also varies with the hourly, daily and seasonal variation of solar irradiation. The wind turbine output power varies with the wind speed at different conditions. However, a drawback, common to solar irradiation and wind speed options, is their unpredictable nature and dependence on weather and climatic changes, and the variations of solar and wind energy may not match with the time distribution of load demand. This shortcoming not only affects the system’s energy performance, but also results in batteries being discarded too early.