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Multimodal Biometric Authentication System for Automatic Certificate Generation | Original Article

Sandeep Kumar*, A. Sony, Rahul Hooda, Yashpal Singh, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The Biometric systems are successfully being used in many diverse fields like identification, forensic, authorization and security systems. The multimodal biometric system uses two or more human body characteristics which results in a much higher security and authentication level. The aim of this paper is to think about different methods utilized for security to automatic certificate generation for events. The proposed methodology used to generate certificates for workshops, conferences, college events with the secured system and robostic algorithms by using multimodal authentication. Conventionally, educational institutes and companies use specialized tools for generating a certificate on a large scale which minimizes time consumption. This work can be extended to generate an analysis report for large data sets as well. The major steps involved in this project are a base image, candidate face images, fingerprints should be in tif, jpg or png format for more secured. The image generated by the program retains the properties of the base image. Source code given here only inserts text on the image. Data (Names awarded to the candidates) to be written can be either in xls or xlsx format. MS Excel is preferred as it’s a powerful mathematical and statistical tool. It allows data to be internally computed and analyzed within the file.