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Review on Algebra, Logic Gate and Circuits | Original Article

Dhaval Patel*, A. K. Vyas, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Algebra advanced from the principles and tasks of math, which starts, with the four activities expansion, subtraction, augmentation and division of numbers. Tasks in algebra pursue indistinguishable principles from those in number juggling. Algebra utilizes factors, which are images that speak to a number and articulations, which are Mathematical proclamations that utilization numbers, or potentially factors. Theoretical algebra is the branch of knowledge of Mathematics that reviews algebraic structures, for example, Groups, Rings, Fields, Modules, Vector Spaces, and Algebras. The expression Abstract Algebra was authored at the turn of the twentieth century to recognize this territory from what was regularly alluded to as Algebra, the investigation of the guidelines for controlling formulae and algebraic articulations including questions and genuine or complex numbers, frequently now called basic algebra. The refinement is once in a while made in more works that are later. In this paper we study about the old studies in the field of Boolean and A Algebraic Relation.